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Current Mission:

zombie killer for hire

"dr huh whut??"

jon notty feat dj loopskyWalker


The APOCALYPSE has Occurred... Changing Life on Earth, Forever, to Never be the Same Again. The ZOMBIE: The Def, Dumb and Blind, Death of Knowledge.The Sleeper, The Follower...The Zombie Controls The Reality. The Global Zombie Infestation Spread Rapidly, Overwhelming Any Attempts of Society to Defend Itself. The Undead now populate the Earth with an Undying Hunger for Human Flesh.

While Mindless and Concerned Only with Consumption,These Creatures are Clever and Diligent in Their Pursuits. The World As We Know It, Has Become A Very DARK Place.

Then Came THE WORD from GOD. HIP HOP. HIP HOP Was The Word, The Word Was With God, HIP HOP Was GOD.  The Same was In The Beginning Of Hip Hop, On Aug 11, 1973 1520 Sedgick Ave Bronx, NY. HIP HOP Made ALL THINGS: & Without HIP HOP Nothing Was Made That Was. In Hip Hop Was LIFE; & That LIFE Was THE LIGHT Of The World.This LIGHT Shined Upon Darkness & OVERPOWERED It. The Darkness Could Not Comprehend, Absorb Or Appropriate The Light & Therefore Was Unrecptive to It. There was a man sent from God whose name was JON NOTTY.

JON NOTTY Bear Witness of This Light, HIP HOP, That ALL MEN might Believe. And There IT Was, The TRUE Light Coming Into The World; The Genuine, Perfect, Steadfast Light That Illuminates Every Person. He Came to The World, But The World Did Not Recognize Him & Did Not Know Him. He Came Unto His Own & His Own Did Not Welcome Him. But to as Many as did Welcome Him, He Gave POWER. The Authority, Privledge & Right to be Children of HIP HOP who Believe, Adhere To, Trust In & Rely On. And Hip Hop Became FLESH & Lived Among The People.

JON NOTTY Bear Witness to THE LIGHT & Said, "This. Is The Hip Hop i Speak Of..." And He Also Said "...i Am The Voice Of The One Crying Aloud in The Wilderness & Darkness, PREPARE FOR REAL HIP HOP!

 JON NOTTY'S MISSION Is Simple: To Destroy All Zombies and Save the Few Remaining Humans that might Aid in His Fight & Spread The LIGHT. Travel through many lands & Help HIP HOP Rid the World of The ZOMBIE and Darkness and Save the Human Race. Without Further Ado, May i Introduce to You...