WHO Iz Jon Notty??

Dr. HuhWhut by Jon Notty (2015)
WHO. Is. Jon Notty?? JON NOTTY WHO
Without Further Ado May i Introduce to YOU
Whutever It Gotta i Make It Do Whut It Do
Broke Through Mo' Moves No Rules Go Fool

i Party TOO Hard Body
One Hundred and Fifty One Shots of Bacardi
DisLike All of My Friends and Share Shots wit E'rrybody
i Prolly Apolly for Givin' A Fuck i'm Sorry
Mardi Gras Bob Marley Yes Sir Walter Raleigh

THE MOST Potent-Est Dopeness On Deck
Went From Hopeless To The Most Blessed i'm So Fresh
An' As Funky As my Last Cut Back Up in Dat Ass Whut
Rapper Disagree The MC a' Eat Dat Ass Up
Heat Dat Ass Up ICE UP Son Me & 'CHEEF 'bout to Light Up One
Turn My Mic Up Some...

S.Y.B.B.S. by Jon Notty (4/20/2014)
*click on S.Y.B.B.S. for link*

i'm Right Here i'm Nyce Yeah
Sir Yes Sir Full Metal Mic Gear
i'm Back That's Poltergiest Right There
Who Want That Nightmare??
Post That Like Share

You Weak You need a P.E.D.
We Eatin' E.B.T.
You NO TEST You just G.E.D.
i'm from NC Like CP3
Bang Your Head Like C.T.E.

Catch And Shoot
Ni**a i'm Faster Than Your Camera Lens
Stick n' Move An' Then Be Back Before It Flash Again
i Got This Sick i Piss Hot S**t
Go Ahead Run Up On It Pussy Feel The Hotness

Ni**s Be Thinkin' That They're CELEBRITY
But im at a Level That They'll Never Be
A Different Pedigree Ni**as Is Stool Pigeon
See YOU Be BULL Shi**in'...

2014 Dixie Classic FAIR  Winston Salem NC (10/12/2014)

FEELS SO GOOD feat. Chuck Mangione (2014)

Time On My Side My Mind In A GOOD Place
Skate On The Snakes and The Rats It's A Foot Race
Dem People In Their Sheep Clothes with The Wolf Face
Stay On Va-Cay Lookin' For A Hood-Scape
Get Bread Bake Dem Goods GOOD Cake
Dem Haters Hate Nice Things And GOOD Taste
Robin Hood Give Back What Da Hood Take

i'm Out Of This World i Made It Up Out Da Hood
Life Is A Test Did The Best i Could
Quit i Should But (tuh!) i'm GOOD
When Life Is A Bit MisUnderstood
Life Is A Bi**h That Chick Get Wood
Get Cake Make 'Em Hate Make 'Em Holla 'Hollywood'
Keep Killin' 'Em Gettin' It Livin' GOOD

Through It All i'ma Ball IT'S ALL
Even If i Fall IT'S ALL
Gimmie Mine That's All And We All...

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